LimoBoard is a board for posting jobs. Some of them are just a limo transfers during busy time of the week ( in some sense those are difficult jobs ), others are just jobs that we don’t have time to look for a vehicle. However, they are all real jobs and sorted it by request date, so depending on what your schedule is you may be able to cover some. You are welcome to call and negotiate the price directly with the client. No commission is charged from LimoBoard. We just have one request: if you talk to a customer and you book the job please notify us by clicking the BUTTON below, so we can mark it as Covered and other drivers don’t bother the customer after he is already booked.

We will be posting jobs on on daily basis. Please, be professional with those clients, thank you and good luck!

Type: T-Transfer, AD-As Directed. $ (Price): N-You Negotiate your price directly with the client. STAT (Status): A– Available, C-Covered. 
J# Request Date Job Date Time PAX Type Client Name Client Ph# Email From To Vehicle $ STAT Notes Posted By
1 Sep 27 10/7 7PM 10 T Diana 786-267-2471 Kendal AA Arena Sprinter limo, Limo N A None Limofinder
2 Sep 28 10/11 11:45 52 T Kelsey Moeslinger 9803133362 MIA 1 Hotel Bus N A Waiting for quote Limofinder
3 Sep 28 9/30 6PM 6 T Carlos Nunez 305-77-49000 Dadeland Walk Fillmore Any N A Limofinder
4 Sep 28 11/03 23:45 5 T Beth COVERED COVERED MIA Key Largo SUV N C Waiting for quote Limofinder
5 Sep 29 10/02 12:30 16 T Kristina COVERED COVERED Nautilus Miami Beach 17211 Biscayne Blvd. North Miami Beach, FL 33160 N C Waiting for a quote Limofinder
6 Sep 29 10/05 11:30 20 T Lex 7868778586 455 Grand Bay Drive, Key Biscayne Miami Marina N A Just Spoke to him Need a quote Limofinder
7 Oct 1 10/08 19:30 10 Kids T Daniela 3052050473 5900 SW 56th Terrace Kings bowling Doral, FL Limo N A Just Spoke with her need a ride Limofinder
8 Oct 3 10/09 23:00 14 T Sophie Lachance 6138506658 East Miami Daer Hollywood Limo or .. N A She may even go for Sprinter LimoFinder
9 Oct 3 10/14 17 10 T Paola Mantilla 7862318065 9100 Kendall Drive miami, FL 33176 Vista lago ballroom Limo N A She has $250 offer for now LimoFinder
10 Oct 4 10/30 16:00 15 2h Laiz 7865569992 33139 33139 Limo N A 15 Kids with a parent want to go for Ice-cream fo couple of hours LimoFinder
11 Oct 5 11/11 19:00 8 Not Sure Robert 14439399358 3570 Southwest 23rd street, miami Hard Rock Stadium Don’t know N A Just came: call or email Limofinder